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Social Management Features

MYSociety solution is useful for societies, clubs and social organizations. Keep your society or organization organized and socially connected by using the benefits of our solutions! Key Features to make your Society Management System online more robust.

MYSociety Social Management software features for India

The Directory
  • The directory would consists of a record of all the people associated with the specific community from where you can view the details and family tree. Also, you can search for the people by blood group, name, gotra, surname, family leader name, city, state, occupation and mobile number. The member directory is helpful for matrimonial relationships.
Family Tree
  • Family tree gives the user a chart of parents, siblings and ancestors as it is a structural representation of all the members of the family of a particular individual. It will show image of the person with the name & relationship. Family tree is a social diagram that shows relatives of all families through several generations in the present, backwards. Family tree is the lineage of new generation and old generation.
The Achievement
  • The user would be able to review the achievements of the people with details such as name, achievement, Matrimonial and business link to the biodata. The screen would also include a search box so the user can search for the people using keywords. Also, the member can add their own achievements by the manager or social agent/worker.
Social Matrimonial
  • This feature offers the member to search for people of there community for marriage. Here, the member can search through image, age, gender, occupation, state-wise, caste-sub-species, profession, Kul, gotra and surname.
Business Search
  • Business Search is a space for users who want to search by business, where you can try to find keywords based on business type, occupation, city, state, etc. Business Search is vital to batter running a business to grow.
Micro Business Website
  • This is a separate social business website for users who want to do business online, where you can manage your own business website. In which you can manage a micro business website with business type, business address, products details, contact details, images etc.
Death Note
  • This feature in MYSociety will show the records of all the people who are no longer together in family. Condolences can be expressed with details like name, details of family members, image, date of death and link to personal bio.
Bhawan & Marriage Hall
  • MYSociety website will show the list of Bhawan & Places that is been belong and preferred by the society members. Social Bhawan can be searched by the keywords to get the list of marriage halls. List will show the details such as image, contact no., name and address with google map navigation feature.
Samaj Events
  • The events page will show the list of all the events with the details such as date, event title, event images, state, city and other details. The member can also search for the events into the search box. Members of society get involved with putting together a social event.
Day Reminder
  • This feature is provided for the important days of the members such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can use MYscoiety to help you remember important birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family. You can enable birthday/anniversary date in MYscoiety calendar.
Advertisement Panel
  • This is the space for all types of advertising section. The user will see various advertisements on the home screen. Admin handles the professional advertising panel. Administrators can create and edit ad packets. Each package can determine the content and price.
Organization Registration
  • This page will consists of a list of Organizations names with contacts number and other details. The member can also search through State name and city name. Also, you can add a new Organization/ community using this screen.

On Demand Feature

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Mulchandani samaj website features list
Blood Group Search

You can easily search by typing blood group in the search box. This special feature can be helpful in joining a family with the same blood group.

Devnani samaj donation feature website

Many members are donating for the building, marriage, temple or any ceremony in the society. We can register that donation with this section.

Kukreja samaj donation report website

This feature includes many useful reports related to society. With the help of reports, you can get almost any information in a few clicks.

Kriplani my society communication software

This feature is used to control all SMS and emails sent from our system to important information for quick access to all members of the society.

Kalwani samaj website punjab
Incomes Reports

The society or organization also gets revenue from land or donation on rent, advertise etc. All such income is managed by our system.

Kakwani society organization system
Expenses Reports

Management of the society organization requires expenditure like maintenance, arrangement. All such expenses are managed by our system.

Jodhwani B2B Business Platform system in MYSociety
Sales Management

If you are using B2B Business Platform system in MYSociety and have E-commerce then you can manage Sales, Vendor and Sales of products.

Hirani online samaj software
Online Complaints

Member can submit complaint or suggestion online and the concerned administrator can see the same and follow up action is taken to resolve.

More Society Features

Make your society or organization feel well online, organized and socially engaged by using the benefits of MYSociety software solutions!

Dadlani Social member Subscription Fee
Subscription Fee

Social member can subscribe to it by paying membership fee with membership module. This payment process is also computerized using payment gateway.

Harchandani social Membership Document
Membership Document

We also allow organization to manage photos online along with membership documents such as membership ID cards and membership certificates.

Chawla Social Communication software
Social Communication

The administrator can create multiple groups and send instant SMS to members of that group. You can communicate by email, SMS and push notifications.

Chhabada Manage Social Members software
Manage Members

All societies and organizations have many members. In this system the information of all the family members is recorded and managed.

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